The strange answers of "Chat-GPT

The strange answers of "Chat-GPT

The strange answers of "Chat-GPTDo you know Chat-GPT? This is a new website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment. It uses artificial intelligence to answer a multitude of questions. But we must be careful: the answers are sometimes clearly off the mark

Unlike Google, which is a search engine that sends you to websites, Chat-GPT responds instantly to any question. We tested it on news from the Indian Ocean. The result is confusing.

For example, on Monday, the site explained to us in detail the institutional situation of Mayotte, specifying that “the Mahorais cannot vote in the French presidential elections”. Surprised, we rephrase the question: “Do Mahorais have the right to vote in national elections? the answer is: “No… only in local elections”. We let it rest and the next day, Tuesday, we come back to the charge, and this time the answer is “yes, the Mahorais can elect the President of the French Republic”. Phew! The artificial intelligence seems to have "self-corrected" in the face of the insistence of the questions.

But in the same conversation, Chat-GPT tells us that "Mayotte is a member of the COI" when it is false, that "the Seychelles claim the Chagos" when it is Mauritius, that they also claim the scattered islands while it is Madagascar.

You can ask Chat-GPT anything… who can also answer you anything, for example you will discover that the mataba is “a flatbread made from flour”, that there is “an air transport project to connect petite-terre and grande-terre”! … or that “Mayotte la 1ère is not a radio station, but only a television channel!” »

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