Facebook is developing new algorithms

Facebook is developing new algorithms that can track everything you do

Facebook is developing new algorithmsImagine a world where one of your devices can keep track of everything you do in your daily life. It can see, hear, and remember everything for you, and retrieve that information when you need it. This type of innovation is brilliant and could work wonders for devices like augmented reality (AR) glasses that can do it all - see, hear and remember. But it's also very scary. Add Facebook into the mix and the scary will be at its maximum. For years, Facebook has been the focus of various user privacy and security scandals. The latest news came from a whistleblower who revealed details about what Facebook knows about the toxicity of its apps and how its algorithms could encourage harmful content to encourage interactions.

It doesn't sound like comforting that this company is developing artificial intelligence (AI) that can see and hear the things around you and then remember everything. But the technology is still interesting. That's because said AI may be targeting a different type of product than Facebook's social networks. These are the AR glasses that the company is developing for the future.

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